Slap vino festival

In today’s fast-paced world of digital communications and socialising in virtual space, it’s important to hark back to the times, when people found moments for gathering with song, wine, and slices of bora-cured prosciutto.


Taste more than 140 different wines from 35 wine makers located in village Slap and Vipava Valley..

Local food

Taste on the bora wind dried prosciutto and home-made meat and vegetarian dishes.


Band concert, reach cultural and entertainment programme.


Socialising and a good glass of wine is never out of fashion.

In Vipava Valley, a village square is called “plac” and has always been the centre of public and social life, contributing greatly to the village’s liveliness. It is the place where important national and local issues were proclaimed, and where people met for dance and song. The Slap “plac”is truly special. Surrounded by the historical buildings like mansion, monastery turned into a farmhouse and church, it has many stories to tell. And it provides a perfect backdrop for events and a shelter from bora.

The village has several wineries that together produce the most Zelen white wine in the world, as well as other native wine varieties, such as Pinela. Slap also boasts a culinary tradition that is based on local products. The picturesque village is perfect for nostalgic strolls along the narrow streets, past the stone entrances, courtyards with stone wells and 18thcentury houses, that bear witness to Slap’s rich cultural heritage. The surrounding area provides an idyllic scenery for long walks, dominated by vines and the view of Nanos plateau.

Vas Slap

With basic conditions met, a little bit of effort is all it takes to achieve a wider recognition of Slap’s offerings and to take advantage of Vipava Valley’s opportunities and possibilities in terms of gastronomy and tourism in general.

This vast potential was also recognised by Lonely Planet, the world’s largest and most influential travel guide publisher. Last year it placed the Vipava Valley on the prestigious Lonely Planet’s Best in Europe 2018 Top 10 Destination list and recommended a visit.

“The Vipava Valley is a great example of a hidden gem, right in the heart of Europe. This is a region rich in appeal and charm, offering great food experiences, exciting adventure activities, and stunning scenery …  With so much to offer, it’s perhaps a surprise that more travellers haven’t yet discovered the delights of this area.”

Lonely Planet

Slap Vino Festival was born of idea to inject our everyday lives with the spirit of times when life went on without focusing on stress and tension, as well as to bring attention to the excellent winemakers from this region and further promote their wines.